Yoga Classes

The Breathing Place — Yoga for Every Body at Olivet Congregational Church 
Enter at the doors next to the play yard on Iglehart. 
Please join us! Contact individual instructors for additional information and pricing.

Kevin Kortan’s Classes 2024

Meditative Yoga, Mondays 11a–12p. Experience beautiful breath-centered movements that promote flexibility, strength, and balance. These create a meditative atmosphere which leads into relaxation, seated breathing, and simple meditation, sometimes including mantra. Open to all!

Mantra Chanting, Mondays 12:15–12:45p. Enjoy the uplifting practice of chanting simple mantra. We’ll gather together after the yoga class (or come for this class only) and learn the mantras through the time-honored approach of listen and repeat, along with written chant sheets. Most of the mantras will be in Sanskrit, some in English. The sounds lead us into the inner silence of meditation. All are welcome; no experience needed.

Website: Call or text Kevin at 917-671-6412, or email at

Beth Cleary’s Class 2024

Yoga for Quieting the Mind, Sundays 4–5:15p. This is a gentle class in the Viniyoga tradition: breath-centered, adaptive, with movement in and out of simple postures for ease and conscious exploration. Come and open to the gift of breathing, while learning effective yoga tools for quieting and softening, even in the midst of turmoil. Open to all!

Call or text Beth at 651-707-6197, or email at

Pam Keul’s Class 2024

Everything is in Perfect Order, Tuesdays 5:30–6:45p.  This is a Viniyoga class for stability, strength of body and mind, serenity, and ease. Viniyoga prioritizes safety and comfort by focusing on the breath and adapting to the needs of the individual. In light of your own history and current circumstances, in this class you’ll breathe and move to build your sense of security, well-being, and trust in yourself as a steady presence and force for good in the world. You’ll start where you are now, doing what works for you; maybe sometimes simply observing. Welcome!

Call or text Pam at 651-492-0049, or email at

Maggie Kessell’s Classes 2024

Yoga for Strong Bones, Tuesdays 10:00–11:30a.  A class for people with osteopenia or osteoporosis or those wanting to maintain bone density. We use asana, pranayama, meditation and relaxation to improve balance, strengthen muscles, and increase bone density through weight bearing, and
reduce stress, all of which affect our bone density.

Yoga for Awakening, Wednesdays 9:00–10:15a. Enlivening the body, breath and mind through postures, breathwork, and sometimes poetry. Open to all levels. Questions or want to come to a class?

Call Maggie at 651-292-1166 (or text), or email at First class is free.