About Us


The Triune God who brought Israel out of Egypt, and who raised Jesus Christ from the dead, is our “Maker, Defender, Redeemer, and Friend.” Olivet Congregational Church is a community in Jesus Christ dedicated to the service of God. Enlivened and guided by the Holy Spirit, we seek to grow in faith, fellowship, and service as we:

  • Gather regularly to worship God in word and sacrament, with liturgy rich in the language and music of our living Christian heritage.
  • Fulfill our baptismal vows by steeping ourselves and our children in the biblical tradition through prayer and study, reading and meditation, teaching and example.
  • Care for one another, serving our community, and reaching out to those in need.
  • Rejoice in the splendid variety of the human family; seeking to understand with respect and reverence the insights of those whose convictions differ from our own.
  • Welcome all who wish to worship.
  • Pledge to be faithful stewards of God’s abundant gifts.

Open & Affirming Statement

“Welcome to Olivet Congregational Church.  As God loves us all, without reservation or exception, God’s house is open to all.  Each of us is important no matter        

who we are,
what we look like,
where we come from,
how rich or poor we are,
what our abilities are,
who we love,
what is in our past,
where we are now in our faith journey, 

and all are invited into the full life and ministry of Olivet Congregational Church.
As an Open and Affirming church, Olivet wants specifically to reach out to the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender (LGBT) community.  We are called to practice a ministry of reconciliation through worship, compassion, and justice for all who have known the pain of exclusion or discrimination.”

About the UCC

Olivet is affiliated with the United Church of Christ.  Drawn together by the Holy Spirit, we are a distinct and diverse community of Christians that come together as one church, joining faith and action.  In covenant with the church in all of its settings, we serve God in the co-creation of a just and sustainable world as made manifest in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Learn more about the UCC.

Safe Church Policy

As a community of Christian faith, Olivet Congregational Church is committed to creating and maintaining programs, facilities, and a community in which members, friends, staff, and volunteers can worship, learn, socialize, and work together in a respectful and caring atmosphere. Trusting that God is present in all, we covenant to respect the bodies, emotions, intellects, and spirits of all. Through every church interaction, with reverence and humility, we honor the full humanity of every person, striving to serve God in others and ourselves.

Download our Safe Church Policy here: OCC Safe Church Policy 2020-A


To contact any of our staff or to learn more about our staff, please go to the Contact Us page.


Our English Cottage Style Church BuildingWel_Buildings2

The unique and beautiful 1907 Olivet building was designed by noted St. Paul architect Clarence Johnston in English Cottage style, surrounding a garden courtyard of trees, flowers and art, and a playground for children. The original architect’s son, Clarence Johnston Jr., designed the education wing in 1914.

Fellowship Hall

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Large Parlor