Supporting the Church: Making a Faith Promise

Members of Olivet support the church in many ways. However, the primary source of support is an anonymous pledge, called the Faith Promise.  During the annual November campaign, members are asked to consider prayerfully how they may best support the church given their means, and they complete pledge cards that separate names from donations.  The total amount pledged becomes the basis for the following year’s budget.


Fulfill Your Faith Promise Pledge Automatically

If you would like to automate the payment of your annual Faith Promise pledge, the church works with the vendor Vanco Services to make that possible. Click here for a simple one page e-giving form on which you provide the banking information for automatic withdrawals from your account.  There is a an option for monthly or twice-monthly withdrawal.  Complete the form and return it to the church office with a cancelled check to set up your account.  Withdrawals may be changed or discontinued at any time by submitting the form with updated instructions to the church office.

Please return the completed form and cancelled check to Kathy at the office.

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