Do you long for inspiration and care your spirit in the midst of the challenges of daily life?
At Olivet you will find a community of people with diverse beliefs and practices, joining together to develop lives marked by healing, wholeness, meaning and purpose.



Our Intentions

-To CARE for each other’s spirits in the midst of daily struggles, doubts, hopes and celebrations.
-To NURTURE one another as we develop lives marked by healing, wholeness, meaning and purpose.
-To CULTIVATE and INSPIRE spiritual exploration and intellectual curiosity.
-To join together in SERVICE and ADVOCACY.

Olivet’s Unique Character as a Faith Community

-Our community is shaped by the Biblical narrative and marked by intellectual curiosity and spiritual exploration. We grow when we encounter a wide variety of questions, doubts, ideas and practices.
-We are an intergenerational congregation, and we intentionally foster relationships across generations.
-Music and the arts are an important form of inspiration and expression. Music and the arts speak in ways that transcend words, and speak directly to the heart.

Sunday School- on Hold

At Olivet, we believe that being inspired and challenged by God’s word is a primary spiritual practice for a living faith. During Sunday School, children engage with the week’s Bible story in meaningful ways. Our Sunday School teachers are committed to developing a long-term relationship with each child.

Wednesday Nights at Olivet- on hold

Wednesday nights at Olivet are a wonderful opportunity for people of all ages to be nurtured in God’s spirit and supported in community. Gather and talk with friends over dinner—and take some time to relax in the middle of the week. Join in Faith Formation opportunities for adults to refresh your spirit. Grow through regular opportunities for intergenerational relationships. For children and youth, we offer age-specific faith formation designed to complement each Milestone as children grow in faith.

*Due to the current pandemic situation, in the interest of the health, safety, and well-being of the Olivet community, Wednesday night dinners/programming are suspended until further notice. 

Milestones Ministry

Faith formation at Olivet centers on our Milestones Ministry, which is designed to provide individualized spiritual care.

At each Milestone, the parents and child will…

·Talk together about the changes that are taking place in the child’s life.
·Learn some spiritual practices to help the child grow in living faith.
·Make an individualized “Growing in Faith” plan.

--Be presented with a gift during worship
--Celebrate with the congregation after worship

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